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Arkinc Design, A Full Service Digital Agency That Help Our Clients Expand Their Digital Reach

Arkinc is 20+ year old enterprise.  Begin by delivering print media and multimedia tasks.  From day one team was creative and trusted. We respect nonstandard cross technology challenges and provide out of the box IT solutions. Arkinc specializes in web-based commercial enterprise applications, mobile apps, websites, CRM solutions, industrial process automations and digital marketing.

The strength of Arkinc lies in building an excellent system analysis and designing a consolidated system architecture. This has made Arkinc capable of delivering incomparable and unique tasks. From day one we maintained 100% project completion rate with extremely satisfied client base.


Arkinc believes in handling our clients with respect and trust. The team grows with value of high creativity, invention and innovation.  We strongly believe in integrating honesty and business ethics in all faces of business functioning.

Our mission is to become a one stop web technology firm offering cutting edge technology solutions to both local and global customers, covering a wide variety of industry verticals, where IT services are of paramount importance. This mission incorporates diversity in solution offerings while providing a professional and genuine service platform to our clients.

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Arkinc’s real backbone is the people who work here. With 100% ITIL certified staff and wide experience in Integrated Development of Web applications, Mobile Apps, applications for embedded systems, Multimedia applications, Business Portals and SEO, clients can be assured their project is in the right and capable hands.


Arkinc Insights

  • 10 year in market, known for 100% project completion rate
  • 100% ITIL certified employees
  • 100% reference business. No own marketing setup
  • Understand micro business client’s limitation, and their business mindsets
  • Technology support from Microsoft, Samsung and Apple
  • Self-defined processes for business operations




Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions More..

Web Application Development

Arkinc develops web applications that help to convert the client's business operations to smart utilities. We develop a quality application architecture and have well-studied detailed features for superior performance. We focus on user friendly operations for ease of use. Arkinc has a smart project management system with a rigorous qualitative testing and 100% project completion rate. More..

Mobile App Development

Arkinc develops quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Our apps have well-studied detailed features and user friendly mobile app environment. More..

Website Development

Arkinc specializes in the development of websites which are professional looking yet user friendly. Arkinc provides clients the services of easy to navigate, clean and organized websites. More..

Integrated Solutions

Learning Management Solutions

Although existing platforms are available but they need extensive configuration and may not fit the exact business requirements. Arkinc tailor makes the system for your current requirement as well as keeping in mind the scalability of the project with business growth. More..

Retail Management Solutions

For giving value-added services with minimum cost, custom-made retail management solutions are the most preferable in a diverse country like India. And for BI reports, MIS reports and customisation as per the business particular requirement is not given by major market players. Arkinc steps in to fill this gap by providing a consolidated structure management for retailers as your business requirements. More..

Corporate Solutions

Our tailor-made corporate solutions include: • CRM Solutions • Knowledge Sharing and Activity Marketing • Knowledge and Performance Evaluations • Entirely Unique Solutions to Corporate Challenges at HR Level • Secured Business Solutions on Mobile Devices More..

Business Solutions

Arkinc provides solutions that build the capabilities of your business holistically. The factor where Indian Businesses experience extreme difficulty is when the software needs an up gradation due to business growth demands. Ready-made solutions are not designed for such conditions. That's where we come in with our proprietary services to ensure that your organization achieves its vision. More..

Electronic & Cloud Solutions

Electronics & Cloud

Smaller, faster and smarter - these words define the electronics & cloud computing development. This has to rapidly adapt to deliver more and more innovative, secure and reliable solutions based on state of the art hardware. In order to keep pace with the technology advancements and changing business needs. Arkinc offers supervisory control & data acquisition applications for empowering electronics solutions. More..

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