Electronics & Cloud Computing


Arkinc offers process automation applications for empowering engineering solutions. Your industrial processes are supported by mature and smoothly integrated application software.  We understand each procedure in detail before designing a suitable application and test it extensively.  Therefore, our applications receive a quality architecture and a superior performance.

Arkinc offers the following services in Embedded Systems

  • Application development in web, cloud, mobile
  • Process control
    • Setting process parameters
    • Receiving process status
    • Sending process instructions (auto / manual)
    • Data accuracy
    • Analysis of process data and reports
  • Process automation  
    • Setting process parameters
    • Receiving operational data
    • Data accuracy
    • More accurate analysis of operational data. 
  • Monitoring services (Emergency Alerts, Notifications)
  • Documentation and Training support
  • Maintenance Support

Our strengths in this area

  • Integrated development of industrial applications to network applications and mobile ap
  • Concern about accuracy and qualitative services
  • Well defined internal operations, data processing and tracking reports