Business Solutions

We provide custom-made solutions that build the capabilities of your organization holistically.  Be it recruiting the best candidates are setting up HR processes and SOPs to consulting on key areas that are a barrier to the growth of your organization, Actualise provides its proprietary services to ensure that your organization achieve its vision.

  1. Integrated Order Management
  2. Integrated Inventory Management
  3. Integrated Dispatch Management
  4. Integrated Asset Management
  5. Consultancy Operations Management
  6. Customized Business Applications

Benefits of Solutions from Arkinc for Businesses

  • Business processes made easy and economical
  • Centralized solution designed using web-applications along with mobile app and intranet app.

Why get customized your business solutions from Arkinc?

Standard solutions are readily available in the software. But for specific requirements, customisation is required. Ready-made solutions are not designed or available for Indian Businesses. The factor where Indian Businesses experience extreme difficulty is when the software needs an upgradation due to business growth demands.

Case Study: Cheers Foods and Beverages, Susandi Software Services

Sectors: Foods Manufacturing, Retailers, Insurance and Financial Services