Retail Management Solutions

We provide e-Commerce website, Payment Gateway integration, Inventory Management for a comprehensive solution for sellers.

Our solutions are:

  • e-Commerce with retail order management and retail inventory management
  • Order management and inventory management linked to devices like barcode scanner, lable printer, credit card swap machines etc.
  • Mobile app for order generation
  • Lead generation solution for retail sector

Why get Retail Solutions from Arkinc?

Many big international players are availablke that provide ready to use web-based services like Big Commerce. But for BI reports, MIS reports and customisation as per the business perculiar requirement is not available. For giving value-added services with minimum cost, custome-made retail management solutions are the most preferable in a diverse country like India.

Clients: Gromart, whatsupdeal, P N Gadgil & Sons Jewelers

Sector: e-Commerce retail, Retail lead generation