Corporate Solutions

Arkinc works to provide specific solutions for corporate operations like HR, Networking, Recruitment, CRM. Arkinc has made a simple and straight-forward SMS based evaluation system for one of our clients. Our tailor-made corporate solutions include:

CRM Solutions 

Arkinc CRM Support software is designed for proficient and cost effective management of lead generation and contact management. Arkinc CRM helps the client to build a seamless interaction across many different channels with his consumers. The CRM Software lets the client generate detailed Relationship Documents as well as Business Intelligence reports.

Knowledge Sharing and Activity Marketing

Entirely new approach for knowledge sharing within the company as well as outside the company.

Knowledge and Performance Evaluations

A different avenue for corporate academic solutions for current employees as well as prospective employees during recruitment drives

Entirely Unique Solutions to Corporate Challenges at HR Level

Corporate solution designed using web application, intranet softwares and mobile apps.

Secured Business Solutions on Mobile Devices

Mobile application with Secure Mobile Device Management solutions developed on android platform through Samsung KNOX. It provides precise control over device, reliable application management, advance geofencing etc.

Clients: M-Pledge, (for lead generation), pandit